White Rabbit PR has great relationships with the key media in the North West. Read below for some of the praise from the business editors:


Lucy Roue, Acting Business Editor, Manchester Evening News – "Janet is always easy and professional to deal with. She can be relied upon to get back to us with info for stories we’re working on and set up interesting opportunities like the interview with BT’s CEO."


Carla Flynn, Cheshire newspaper Editor – "Janet always provides our papers with a steady stream of interesting and relevant stories, written in a style that is easy for us to use. She is friendly and very personable to deal with and always quick to respond to any enquiries. She obviously has a good eye for news from her journalism background."


Luke Dicicco, Group Business Editor, Newsquest Cumbria – "Janet is great to deal with, straightforward and with an eye for a news story. She is also very professional and makes sure our various platforms – which include magazines, websites and newspapers – get the information and imagery they need to produce great content. Her stories give us the local content and angles our readers are looking for."