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Discovering the importance of PR: Ronnie Cane - Embryo

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

I’m Ronnie Cane, one of the marketers at the Manchester marketing agency, Embryo, and it’s safe to say that 2019 has been a rollercoaster for us.

I joined the company in December 2018 as the fifth member of staff. At that stage, as a brand, we had run the grand total of zero marketing campaigns for ourselves and had never worked with the press. This was partly down to the fact that we were still a small company and had no real need to advertise, but mainly because as a group of marketers, we simply did not understand the importance of PR.

If we fast forward seven months, to the launch of our Embryo Manchester Visibility Index, it wasn’t only the importance of PR that had become clear to us, but the coherent necessity of it.

We came to this understanding through studying the highest-ranked companies on the Embryo Index, where one of the ranking metrics is their ‘Press Score’.

The press score is a metric that is rather self-explanatory - how often is your company mentioned in the regional press? We crawled Google and all the established media outlets to identify how much a company is talked about, and comprise a total score from this.

From studying the top companies in the Index, it was very apparent that PR had an important part to play. There was no coincidence behind the fact that typically, the higher the rank of the company, the higher their press score.

At Embryo, we’re all logicians and like to look at the facts, so after seeing this, the logic behind how we move forward as a brand was looking us right in the face.

If we fast forward again to a couple of weeks after this realisation, we were sat in Embryo HQ with Janet, the owner of White Rabbit PR, putting together a strategy for how we can get Embryo in the press.

It's still early days for us and our PR dabblings, but we are already starting to see the benefits that media coverage brings, such as additional links to improve our search engine rankings and brand awareness for Embryo as an agency.

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