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Jack of all trades, master of none?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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Do you need someone to get you in the news, or can you do it yourself? As a small business when money is stretched, this is a good question.

The other week someone with a start-up asked me, what is it that you do? Not in a ‘what job do you do’ kind of way, but more a ‘what role do you play’ in helping a business.

For a small business, this is a good point.

Anyone can contact the local paper right?

Yes, local papers generally have an email address or social media account you can communicate through.

But, do you know how many emails or messages journalists get every day from people trying to get their attention? Hundreds. Why should they notice yours?

So, a few basic points to think about:

1) Do you have a longstanding relationship with your target media? If you send them an email or ring them up will they bother reading your message or answer your call? Will they know that if you’re in touch it’s because you have some news that they will find interesting?

2) Can you write? Clearly write in a simple and engaging way, pulling out the key messages that will be of interest to a paper and its readers?

3) Do you know what makes a good story?

4) Do you have time to research media and media contacts relevant to your business?

A good PR person has all the above in abundance and lots more besides, even down to practical, but essential info, on timings to create the best impact and what day publications go to print so you don’t miss this week’s edition.

Yes, we can all have a go at something ourselves. But if you’re going to bother, surely it’s better to use someone who can get it right first time and has the skills and experience to give you your best chance at achieving the goal you set out to achieve - to be written about in the media?

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